Relaxation is a natural condition that owing to stress or excess of activity is often confined to the detriment of our health. The aim of relaxation techniques is to regain and increase our wellbeing, reducing anxiety, stress and all the problems that stem from them. Visualization is a mental technique that has been used for centuries in eastern meditation and that leverages our imaginative potential. When combined, relaxation and visualization techniques can give us great benefits, allowing us to:

  • use all our capacities
  • overcome our limits
  • overcome or reduce anxiety and stress related illnesses
  • promote personal change.

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Table of contents

Why combining visualization and relaxation techniques
Stress, relaxation and inner resources
Basic concepts on the techniques discussed in the book
Progressive relaxation exercise

  • Complete version
  • Short version
  • Fast version
  • The body scan exercise

General relaxation exercise with self-suggestions
Duration, environment and positions to perform visualization
Guided visualizations

  • The waterfall of light
  • Embracing yourself in the past
  • Meeting the self from the future
  • The newborn
  • Reaching the center of the sun
  • Imagine you are there
  • Finding your own inner oasis
  • In the rainbow
  • The wooden mountain hut
  • Disperse the unpleasant sensations
  • The source of healing
  • Imagine your body made of light
  • Waves of light
  • Stopping the reproduction of diseased cells
  • The sphere of light
  • Before falling asleep and after waking up
  • Breathing the light

How to cope with distressing images            
Tips for visualization in case of physical ailments
Relaxation techniques                  
Autogenic Training     

  • Theory
  • Setting and positions for the practice of relaxation
  • Standard autogenic training exercises
  • Explanations and considerations on the experiences during the exercises
  • How to shorten the execution time
  • Simplified autogenic training
  • Affirmations: what they are and how they work
  • How to create your own affirmations
  • Autogenic training for sports
  • Extreme applications of autogenic training
  • Advanced exercises
  • Conclusions

Progressive Muscle Relaxation   

  • Theory
  • Practice
  • Shortened routine
  • Alternative and additional exercises

How to combine progressive relaxation and autogenic training     
Mental techniques for sports      
Mental techniques for survival   
Visualization and relaxation for pain management
The soothing power of natural elements


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