The aim of this exercise is to achieve a state of general relaxation.

Before doing the exercise, read the preparation instructions.

Duration: 10-15 minutes.

I take three deep breaths, then keep on breathing naturally and in doing so I start to relax.

With each breath I increase the feeling of relaxation and my muscles let go of all the tension.

While the breathing slows down and becomes more regular, I progressively let go to a sensation of wellness that keeps on growing.

Every muscle and every nerve in my body let go of all the tension and I sink more and more into a pleasant state of relaxation.

My hands relax gradually. Little by little the breathing becomes calm and regular.

Now my hands are relaxed, heavier and relaxed.

A warm flow of energy spreads from the wrists to the forearms that, together with my hands, become heavier.

As I relax I feel the sensation that the same thing happens to my elbows, and from there it extends to the muscles of the arms.

I let myself go and let the shoulders release the tension.

Gradually, as my breathing becomes more calm and regular, my whole body gets filled with a wonderful feeling of peace, rest and tranquility that intensifies and grows stronger every time I inhale and exhale, in a calm and peaceful way.

The muscles of the neck begin to relax. The jaw is relaxing too and so is the tongue. The skin of my face is smooth and relaxed.

Every muscle and every nerve of my body are permeated by a wonderful feeling of relaxation and tranquility.

The small wrinkles of the forehead and on the sides of the eyes relax.

I continue to breathe quietly while I naturally let go into a deeper state of relaxation.

I relax in a peaceful state of consciousness and let myself be pervaded by a wonderful inner calm.