The waterfall of light


Duration of the exercise: 5-15 minutes.

Before doing the exercise, read the preparation instructions.

This exercise is particularly useful for increasing mental and physical energy, in case we feel tired and stressed out.

After following the instructions in the previous paragraph, close your eyes and turn your attention to your breathing. Take three deep breaths, then keep on breathing normally. Mentally repeat to yourself that with each exhalation you will relax more and more.
Now imagine a waterfall of white light pouring on your head from above, entering from the top of your head. Its energy is mild, beneficial and bright. It runs through your brain, permeating the eyes, the ears, the nose, the mouth. It continues down the throat and towards the chest. It fills up your chest with light.

It flows through the shoulders, the arms, the forearms, the hands, then gets out through the fingers, taking away any tension held in the body. The light continues to flow down to the abdomen, the pelvis, the buttocks and the genitals. It keeps on flowing down into the thighs, the knees, the calves, and then move on to the ankles and feet, finally exiting from the toes and taking away any tension or discomfort in your body.
Now you are completely immersed in the bright and white energy of the waterfall. Your whole being is filled with white light. Let this energy completely cover you, and enjoy the peace that it brings.

Remain a few minutes with these positive feelings, then begin to reconnect with the outside world: open and close your hands, stretch your arms and legs, and then open your eyes, feeling relaxed, refreshed and awake.

You can adapt this and all the other visualization according to your needs. Below are some examples of possible changes:

  • choose your own color for the waterfall of light, the color you feel the most in tune with.
  • Focus the visualization on the part of your body where you most feel tension or discomfort, for example visualizing the energy that permeates the single organs of the body or any part of them.
  • You can extend the duration of the exercise, staying “under” the waterfall of light as long as you like, or also do the exercise lying in bed at night and let yourself fall asleep at the end of it.