Meeting the self from the future


Duration of exercise: 10-20 minutes.

Before doing the exercise, read the preparation instructions.

This exercise can be helpful when we feel confused or when we have to take important decisions.

Get into a comfortable position and close your eyes. Turn your attention to the air that enters and exits from your nostrils. Take three deep breaths, then keep on breathing normally. Mentally repeat to yourself that with every exhalation you will relax more and more.
Now call yourself from the future, that is yourself when you have reached your full potential and you will be calm, strong and wise. Open your hand to him to receive his. Feel his hand, its touch and its heat. Learn from him, listen to what he tells you, look what he shows you. Feel his strength and his peacefulness, and make them yours. You have five minutes, which is all the time you need, to stay with yourself from the future.
Now recall to your mind the image of yourself as a child. Sit down the three of you and join your hands. Feel the bond, the strength, the wisdom, the joy, and all the positive features of yourselves. Stay like this for a few minutes.
Now let the child and the self from the future go back to their dimensions, knowing that whenever you want you will be able to meet them again. Their images fade away.
You can stay a few minutes with these positive feelings, and then perform the cancellation, feeling relaxed, refreshed and wide awake.